The key companies and their duties within Ports include Sierra Leone Ports Authority, considered as the landowner of the ports. Freetown Terminal Ltd. manages berths 3 to 6 which includes: the container yard, RoRo and break bulk cargoes. Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal manages berths 1 and 2 for bulk and break bulk cargoes. The transportation by road is provided by the Indigenous Transport Owners Association (ITOA). The security is provided by Protec for Freetown Terminal Ltd. and Leone International Security for the Bulk Terminal. Holland Shipyards Sierra Leone Ltd. undertakes new building, repair and conversion of small and medium-sized vessels. Cargo tracking is done by TPMS (Transport and Port Management System), also in charge of tracking and the security of cargo and containers at the Port. Port Stevedore Labor Company and Leone Duck Labor Company are also operating at the Ports.