Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal (NSBT)

Nectar Sierra Leone Bulk Terminal, also known as NSBT, is the recently licensed operator of the bulk and breakbulk terminal occupying berths 1 and 2 at QE II Quay, Freetown. NSBT operates bulk and breakbulk imports – i.e. the likes of bagged cement as breakbulk, and products such as clinker and limestone as bulk. NSBT also provides a bagging service, allowing for imported bulk items such as rice, corn or soya to be bagged at Freetown terminal for local distribution.
In addition to this, NSBT runs the consolidated goods store, wherein; imported goods are stored prior to customs clearance. In accordance with the terms of the operating license, there is a scale of tariffs published covering all aspects of the charges those potential clients could expect to pay.
NSBT provides 24-hour operation of the berths for vessel operations, and the consolidated cargo store operates from 8a.m. to 5p.m.-Monday to Friday.
NSBT is constrained to act within the limits of authority as provided for by the Customs Act, and therefore does not operate the consolidated cargo store after hours or on weekends.
Nectar Bulk Terminal provides the services to the berths 1 and 2